Friday, June 27, 2008

will it ever end

Jacob has a doctor appointment today. His throat has gotten really bad. He has bumps or sores not really sure what to call them all on his through which have spread more in his mouth. I didn't get to see it really good this morning but he has on on the inside of his lip which he showed me so I know they have gotten worse. He's not really eating but is drinking some. I'm doing my best to keep him hydrated especially with the heat today. His throat is really swollen. My mom is coming with me to help because I know we'll need another set of hands and Dan can't leave work today. I'm lucky to have a mom near by willing to help. I hope there is something they can do because I can't handle many more nights like last night or days like the past 4 days! I need my little boy back! I'll post later with an update on how he's doing.


Trish D said...

How awful! I'm praying that the doctor can find some answers for you, and that it can be treated quickly.

Jeff & Meg said...

Poor guy! I hope they had some answers for you and that he's feeling better.