Friday, June 6, 2008

13 weeks 6 days

Yesterday Jacob was so good. He was helpful. I had Jack here and Jacob helped change him and got him toys and shared really well. Today it was just us and he was so grumpy! I hope he wakes up from his nap in a better mood! I wish the weather was nicer so we could play outside. We went out for a little while but could not go in the grass because it's so muddy.

Last week we took Jacob to the playground. He had so much fun. I thought I'd share some pictures from then. I can't believe how big he is. He did the slide all by himself. I could not believe it when he was climbing up and then sat down and scooted to the edge and slid down. He was so proud too.Jacob's new favorite part of the day is when we call Daddy! Here he is all grown up talking to daddy on the phone!

No pregnancy photos just yet. I'll work on that this weekend. I have been feeling very nauseous, which I am hoping has to do with how much this baby moves. We'll see. I should be out of the morning sickness stage by now. My sister-in-law was really sick when she was pregnant with Sarah because of how active she was. Maybe it's a girl. Who knows. Jacob was so lazy though and it was an easy pregnancy for me. I guess that's all.

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