Tuesday, June 24, 2008

my poor baby

Well we went to the doctor for Jacob. They are unsure of the cause of the pain but we are keeping track of what he eats and when it happens. Today started out pretty good. He ate breakfast well and was doing great. We sat and talked for over 45 minutes today! It was awesome. Then it was snack time and he couldn't pick something and then told me his stomach hurt so I suggested we just relax and if he feels better we'll have snack later. He didn't feel like eating though. Then I was getting ready to get lunches ready ( Jack came at 11:00 ) and Jacob told me he didn't want anything that his stomach still hurt. This caught my attention because this is rare for him. I thought we'll he's 2 so I guess we'll have this happen ever once in a while. Then he vomited! I felt his head and face and he was really warm. He does have a fever of 102.3 which isn't terrible. The doctor said if the vomiting gets sever we need to have him seen right away in case of apendicitis. So we're pretty worried about him.
He just woke up and seems to be a little better. He slept for 45 minutes on the couch and is now laying down watching his favorite movie. I'm letting him have some crackers because he's screaming for something to eat. What ever is going on it's not a normal virus! Keep us in your prayers.

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