Wednesday, November 28, 2007

leaps and bounds!

Jacob is making leaps and bounds lately with Jack. He actually hugged and kissed him with out anyone asking him to. They were playing and Jack touched him and he said " awe Jack " and hugged him. I think he'll be a good big brother after all. We were a little nervous because he wasn't so good with Jack a few weeks ago. He would scream whenever Jack even came close to him. Now they play together and it's so cute.

This pregnancy has been very different. I have had morning sickness, afternoon sickness and night sickness. I've also been tired and really distracted. I can't seem to remember anything, which is especially bad because I have 1 more final exam to take. I did ok on my last final but I had to review right up until the test. I have my next appointment tomorrow and I should get some more information on my ultrasound. I am going with out Dan so hopefully it's only good news. I may also be getting an adjusted due date.

My parents are moving this weekend. This will be the first time in 25 years for them. This was the only house I lived in growing up. Needless to say they have a lot of stuff. They actually got 2 moving trucks! It's going to be a crazy weekend.

Friday, November 23, 2007


Since Dan already posted this on his myspace I guess I can too. I was going to wait until monday but oh well.
Yes that is a positive test! We're due July 6th. And we are super excited.

On another note I just got summons for Jury Duty. I hope I don't have to go because Dan will have to take off to watch Jacob and they'll have to allow me to eat every 1 hour and excuse me if I get sick. I have been much more sick with this pregnancy than last time. I think they will excuse me but you never know. I also have school and tons of other crap. I wouldn't mind being called for it years down the road when my kids are in school. That's different. This is just bad timing again. Last time they called me Jacob was 4 weeks old. I got excused then. We'll see what happens.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Friday, November 16, 2007


Jacob seems to be ok. He broke out into a bad rash last night which has gotten worse today. We we called the doctor who told me that it happens a lot when a high fever breaks. They told us that this actually means he is no longer contagious too. So now he is on Benadryl and hydrocortisone cream until it goes away. Poor kid, I can't wait until he is back to normal! He seems happier today. After his nap yesterday he just screamed for about 45 minutes. I actually called Dan while he was on his way so he could actually hear Jacob screaming and he would get home quick. Jacob did eventually calm down, but we had to be careful what we did or he might freak out again.

I should get back to him, he wants to play.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

another day

Jacob is sick again. Poor kid. It seems like he's always got something. We are happy to report that it is not as serious as we thought. He only has a viral infection of some sort. He has a strange purplish-red non raised rash on his face a neck which can be a sign of a bacterial infection but the doctor does not think that is what this is. We do need to keep an eye on his fever though because it's been high. Last night is was 104.3! Keep him in your prayers. He is very uncomfortable and unhappy today. It's been a rough day. He finally fell asleep which will hopefully help him to feel a little better when he wakes up.
On a better note we got our antiquities pictures today. They came out great. We ended up buying a second pose because we thought it was so cute. If we ever locate a scanner and figure out how to scan them and send them to ourselves I'll post them. I'd like to get copies made so we can give them out at thanksgiving. We just need to figure out the scanning thing. I'm sure we'll get it figured out soon.
I don't have any new pictures to share today....I've been bad with that. So I guess that's all for now. No other news to report at this moment.

Friday, November 2, 2007