Tuesday, June 3, 2008

13 weeks 3 days

To clarify. The ultrasound picture was from 9 weeks. It says 10 weeks on it but my due date changed after that. I am now 13 week and 3 days! I feel some flutters but my midwife says it's probably not the baby....but what does she know. I really do believe it's our baby moving around. At the last ultrasound it was moving around like crazy. And to answer the burning question...no we do not plan to find out what we are having. The only thing that might change our minds is if they find something wrong at the next ultrasound that would lead them to believe our baby might not make it. I hate that we were not able to find out is Jaidon was a boy or girl. So I would want to know if I could if we were in danger of loosing this baby. Other than that we want to be surprised. It's so fun that way! Not that there is anything wrong with finding out...it's just not for us. I loved hearing those words after all the work of labor with Jacob..." It's a boy". Plus this way no one will know and Jacob gets to tell the family. He's so excited about that. I just hope that everyone can wait that long for him to come back and visit and then go out and tell the news.

In other news I already feel big. I'll try to get a belly shot ( sorry but way too many stretch marks from Jacob so I'll just wear a tight shirt so you can see ) soon. I'm nervous to post it because of how big I feel. I have however only gained 2 pounds so far!

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Jeff & Meg said...

Don't feel bad! I was popping out all over the place with Katie!! I felt 'big' a lot quicker.