Friday, May 16, 2008

back to normal life and potty training

Well we are back from vacation. It was so great to be away and see my brother get married. It was a fun time and I wish we were still there. I had so much fun spending time with family and now I miss them all. I'm glad tomorrow is saturday and I should see Dan at some point during the day. I still have 3 weeks until school starts back up and it's nice, but at the same time I miss it. It gave me something to do and helped me to not be lazy. I got a lot more done even though I seemed to have less time.

In other news Jacob is potty training. He seems to be resisting a little but we have gotten some advice that I think will help. He is able go long periods with out needing a diaper so I know he is physically ready. Any advice is welcome. We'll try to underwear approach later today and tomorrow. It worked for our niece so we'll give it a try. Anyway. When I locate my camera I'll post the few pictures I did get from vacation. We had a fun day on the beach and we got a few good pictures there.

fun contest

Check it out. Surprise box! How fun. Just check out the site for more details