Tuesday, February 9, 2010

the potty training wars

So last week Haley decided it was time to start potty training. My first reaction was..."um you are only 16 months and are way to small". My second reaction was "why is the world would I say no to you if you want to use the potty". So thus we began potty training Haley before Jacob is even fully trained! Since Thursday she has done really well. Usually only have #2 accidents as we have not had success with that one yet and a few #1 accidents. I had to order her special cloth training pants since the ones in the store are too small and so is any underwear I found. Today has not been a good day though. I guess that's to be expected though. I also think she's not feeling well today. She's been wanted to be held a lot today which is not like her and she's not telling me before or after she goes in her diaper. Yesterday she was telling me before and we had a really great day!

In other super awesome news!!!!! Jacob asked Jesus into his life today! I couldn't be happier. I told him the angels were dancing and happy too!

Friday, January 22, 2010

When he was this age

So I thought I would share a picture of Jacob when he was 16 months and then a picture of Haley who will be 16 months on Monday. Do they look a like?