Thursday, June 12, 2008

crazy kid!

Yesterday my little boy decided he was not going to take a nap. I went in twice to tell him to lay down in bed and stay there thinking if he would just try he would fall asleep. The first time he tells me " I have poop " Ok so I changed him. The second time he tells me " I can't mommy " I told him to try and the next time I come in because he's being loud and is not in bed he would get a spanking. Well he didn't stay in bed but he also didn't make a sound. I thought it was funny that he was trying to hide it from me that he wasn't sleeping. We have a video moniter so I was watching him and he took all the diapers out of the box on the floor ( which was nearly full! ) and placed them on his bed. When I finally did go in there he told me he couldn't go to bed because it was full of diapies! At that point it was 3:30 so I had given up and told him he had to stay in his room for 15 minutes while I finished the meatballs for his punishment. He screamed the whole time and then we talked and got ready to swim. Needless to say today he is sound asleep and quite as a mouse!

Jacob's newest thing is to tell me something hurts when he is getting in trouble. Today it was his neck and yesterday his throat. Now I know they might hurt some since he was just sick with a sore throat and cough but for him to tell me when I am telling him not to do something or no you can not have cookies and ice cream for breakfast is a little nuts. He's getting way to smart and sometimes it's not for good.

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Jeff & Meg said...

y now and then James goes on nap always freaks me out and makes me think he's going to quit napping, but he doesn't. :)