Tuesday, June 17, 2008

15 weeks 3 days and a request for prayer

Yesterday was crazy. This baby would not stop moving. I was loving it to some degree. It was so sick though from all the moving inside, that part I could have lived with out. Today things are a little less calm on that part. I still have 1 1/2 weeks until my next appointment so there's not much to update on that end.

Last night we were able to go food shopping and did really well with savings. I was so glad for that since money is really tight right now. Jacob was actually really good in the store which was so helpful. Over the weekend we picked strawberries. It was so much fun. We actually got 10lbs! We made 2 batches of jam so far and we are excited to share that and enjoy some ourselves. I think I'll have some before work tonight! We of course spent the weekend with my parents again. We have been working on their kitchen remodel for about 2 months now. It's coming along great and it's starting to really look like a kitchen. There are 4 upper cabinets left to install plus the bead board for the backsplash and part of the rest of the room as well. Then trip and some touch ups and it will look great! I'm so excited for them. They deserve to have their dream kitchen.

Right now Jacob and Jack are sleeping. I know nap time is coming to an end so I should go get my work uniform out and ironed so I can get ready once Dan gets home. I was able to get 1 1/2 hours of studying in today which was so great.

Please pray for Jacob. 2 things actually. 1. He's still having trouble sleeping at nap time because he is scared. He's had nightmares only at nap time for about 2-3 months. He is also scared of reflections and I am having a hard time trying to teach him what he is really seeing. We've had to close the blinds at my parents house in the dining room because he was so scared. 2. He's been telling us that his tummy hurts a lot lately. Usually when eating after only eating a few bites. After a few minutes he is ok and can resume with his meal. It sometimes will happen when he is playing or the other day in the car. Sometimes I know it's gas but others we are not quite sure. He is going to the pediatrician on thursday or friday depending on what hours they have available on those days. I just hope he doesn't need any extensive testing. I worry about him and since he was a premie he is more at risk for different things. We recently discovered he is allergic to cats and is likely to develop asthma. He has had croup 3 times since January. What we thought was croup could actually have been asthma so we need to watch him next time he gets a cold. It's so hard not to worry when it's your child. I am trying because I know I need to stay positive and trust God. I know He is in control and has His hand on my little boy. But please just pray for all of us and we try to figure out what is going on in his little body and mind. I hope the pediatrician can also help us with dealing with his fears. He has gotten worse again over the past few days.

Thanks everyone. Now I must get ready for work.

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