Thursday, August 14, 2008


You're probably all sick of hearing about potty training from me. Well that's my life right now. Jacob had a great day and is finally getting the hang of it! He now goes right away or with in 15 minutes instead of sitting there for 45 minutes waiting. I'm so proud of him. He earned himself $1.25 because he went 5 times! And the day's not over yet! I think we can get at least 1 more time as long as we are not out all night. We have a few things to do before our crazy weekend. I'll be at my parents all day tomorrow helping prepare for Saturday and My brother and sister-in-law will get there around lunch time. Since they are staying with us we are trying to get the house ready tonight since we wont be home tomorrow. Dan's going to go straight to my parents after work and we'll all have dinner together. My Aunt and Uncle and Cousin are also coming up from NC tomorrow and should arrive around lunch time also. I'm so excited they are able to come. We don't get to see them alot since we don't have a ton of vacation time. We hope to have enough money to go there next summer again for vacation but with gas prices we're just not sure. Sometimes they'll stop by around Christmas if they are in NY seeing family. This year they'll have more of an incentive if they go to NY because they can stop in and see the baby! I can't believe we'll have another baby in december! I'm being reminded by tons of kicking and flipping as I type this. I'm starting to think this baby never sleeps which is scary! This post is so all over the place it makes me laugh. Don't you like my no separate paragraphs?

Well I guess that's all for now. Busy weekend ahead of us so I'll post updates early next week!

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