Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I just don't get it. As soon as we think we're getting caught up with bills something happens. I broke a window in our family room today. If it were anywhere else I'd just leave it and board it up for a while. This is the room we spend most of our time. It also only has 2 windows so with all the bags I have on it right now not much sunlight is coming in. I hate having to have the lights on, but poor Jacob only likes it to be really light when he's playing. Now that he's asleep I can deal with the way the lighting is with the light off. It took me forever to get it cleaned up. I was using a towel to kill what I thought was a fly ( actually a bee ). My dog was freaking out and Jacob wasn't too found of it either. I never thought a towel would break a window. Apparently it was already weak. I'm glad I did it and not Jacob when he was playing and threw a ball near it. He would have been so upset. He was good to stay away while I cleaned it up. I did cut myself, but it's not that bad. Hopefully Dan can replace it tonight. It is a standard size window and home depot has it in stock. Now we just need to figure out a few financial things to still be able to pay all the bills. It never ends! I feel so dumb for breaking a window and it couldn't have happened at a worse time.

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Jeff & Meg said...

Sorry to hear about the window! Those things sure do throw a wrench in the plans. Hope it all works out