Thursday, August 7, 2008

Is it the weekend yet?

It's been a rough week. I'm so glad that tomorrow is friday and then it will be the weekend. Not that I'll get much of a break but I get some. Dan's been helping my dad out with a lot so he'll probably be there most of the day but I usually go over too and then I have my mom to help with Jacob. It gives me a little break. Friends invited us over for dinner Saturday night so we're looking forward to that. It should be fun. They have 2 kids that are around Jacob's age so he should enjoy playing with them also. We're again struggling with the whole money thing. We just realized the commission check that's coming tomorrow is basically spent! That kind of sucks, but part of it is going to pay a bill so at least we wont have to pay that bill later this month. Most of the rest goes towards the carpet we just got in Jacob's room. Thank goodness we don't have to buy anything else to finish his room. We already have all the trim and Dan will work on getting that up a little at a time in hopes that Jacob can sleep in there maybe by monday. If not we might just put it off until next weekend after my brother and his wife go home. They are staying with us for the weekend. So now I have a lot of cleaning to do but that's ok. I don't mind because I needed to get it done anyway. It will be good to have the house clean again. I think I might have to recruit Dan to help me a little each night next week so we can actually get it done. I wanted to get a good cleaning done and have Dan take some stuff up to the attic for me also. The hall closet needs to be organized badly so I can fit more in it. That's one bad thing about this house, there's not enough closets. And of course when we added the hallway and redid Jacob's new room we didn't put in a closet! Oh well. It's something we'll have to add before we want to sell which isn't for like 10 years so it's no big deal. By the time we sell we'll have done a lot to this little house. It will be nice and hopefully sell with out any problems. Our next house needs to be exactly what we want though. I don't want to have to move again for a long, long time after that. It should be our last house before we retire and get something much smaller. We'll see how everything goes.

Ok enough nonsense rambling. I should go get some rest before Jacob and Jack both get up and the craziness starts all over.

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