Monday, August 4, 2008

And another

So after I updated Jacob was successful once again! I'm so proud of my little boy. Two times yesterday. This is huge for him. Nothing yet today but he hasn't been awake that long so we'll see what happens. I promised him a new toy if he has a good week. The carpet comes tomorrow in his new room and then it will be almost ready for him. A few last minute things and then it's done for him. He will likely be in his room by the end of the week. I'll post pictures of the progress later this week. We still have some painting to do but he'll be in the room before that's done. I think I'll paint the big yankee symbol next weekend and all the retired numbers should be able to go up with in a few weeks. Dan still has to cut out the circles for me and then I can paint them.

Nothing else new. I'm so proud of Jacob. I hope this week will be the turning point for him with potty training. All I need him to start doing is knowing before he goes so he can tell me and then we'll be much better. Right now the poor kid has to sit on the potty every 20 minutes and he sits there for a while. It's been working so I don't plan to change it just yet. If anyone has any tips please let me know. I'm willing to listen to any advice and try anything if this doesn't work for him.

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renee said...

yay for jacob!!! Nolan is pretty much potty trained except for the #2 thing - he will go in his pants, or if we notice him before he goes, then we can run him to the bathroom in time. Or we'll put a diaper on him and he'll go in that.
Otherwise, as long as Jacob's not getting upset about it, then he's on his way! Sometimes Nolan would be upset if we tried to make him go, and then we would just back off and try again another day b/c we didn't want it to be a negative experience for him. Otherwise, we just started putting him in big boy underwear for a few hours in the evening (when Jon was home so he could help work with him since I had Mia to watch too) and Nolan loved it. Then we started putting him in underwear in the morning and evenings (with trips to the potty) and rewarding him with M&M's each time he went. Now he tells us when he has to go, but for a long time he dribbled before doing that (sometimes still does) and when his underwear got a little wet, THEN he would tell us he needed to go. Finally he's getting a lot better and we can go out places with him staying dry for a long time. They learn to hold it a lot longer eventually :)
keep up the great work!