Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Jury duty, snow, and strange packages

So I will be excused once again from Jury duty. I am sure they will try again in a few years and once again I will probably have to be excused due to childcare reasons. Oh well. I least I don't have to worry about it now.

It snowed this weekend and it's snowing right now. I had to check the forecast because it's coming down pretty good and already sticking! We're only supposed to get a coating to and inch so I imagine it will stop soon. I love snow, but I didn't want to get too much because I hate driving in it. I have to go and take my last exam for this semester tonight and I can't put it off so I have to go regardless of the weather. Jacob was loving just looking out the window watching the snow fall. I always love doing that so it was fun to share that with him. He still doesn't have boots so I don't know if he'll go out in it today or not. It's there's not a lot I'll throw on some warm clothes and a couple pair of socks and older shoes and let him check it out. He wasn't walking yet for snow last year so he hasn't really experienced it.

Yesterday we got a really strange package in the mail. It was addressed to our address with my name on it. It said it was a free gift from direct TV. We don't have direct TV so we were suspicious. I immediately checked our credit card and bank account online since we had someone steel our credit card number recently. Everything was fine. Dan finally noticed there was a phone number for who it was supposed to go to on the box. Darn, because it was a portable DVD player. If we don't reach this person then we will keep it...Merry Christmas to us! We will try to reach them and see if they were expecting anything to come. It was supposed to go to a PO box but there was no box listed so somehow it came to us. There was a sticker with our address on it next to the original address label. Oh well. We want to do what is right and try to get it to who it belongs to. We would love to keep it, but we know that is not right unless the owner can not be reached. Maybe God will reward us for doing what is right someday.

No pictures to post today. We just found our camera. If I take Jacob out after his nap I'll be sure to take lots of pictures and maybe even video!

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Jeff & Meg said...

Let me know what size boots he wears...maybe he can borrow James' boots from last year if you want.