Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I just wanted to post that Christmas this year was great. Despite a few sick people ( now Dan and I are both sick!!!) everyone had a good day. Jacob made out really well and was polite most of the day. He said please when asking for help and thank you when anyone helped him or gave him a gift. He's such a good kid. He had a few minor melt downs but nothing bad. It was a lot for him to take in all in one day. This morning he played with all his new toys with the exception of his tool bench which my dad will bring over this week because it wont fit in our car. He even got a power wheels! We haven't taken it out of the box yet but probably will tonight. I'll finish with a few pictures of our precious boy.

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Jeff & Meg said...

Looks like fun! His jammies are adorable!! Feel better soon