Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Back to Normal...whatever that is

Today we returned to our normal lives. Dan returned to work and Jacob and I spent the day at home. I started my workouts today. It was simple. I was hoping to find something on demand but of course we needed a special subscription for all of them. So I made up my own until I can get out and get a DVD. I honestly don't know what I want either. Something that will burn calories but not be to difficult. I have a quite a goal so I need to work hard. I'd like to loose 10 pounds by march. I know that's unlikely, but I am going to try. I also started getting back into spending more time with God. It's so important and I want to make that a priority in my day. Lets hope I can keep up with both. All out of town guests have left and the house is quiet. Jacob is napping and still pretty sick. This cold will not seem to go away. On saturday we are going to Disney on Ice courtesy of my sister-in-law. It should be really fun. Well I guess that's all. I'm sad for the holidays to end, but happy to get back to a normal life. We have Jacob's party to begin planning now so I guess life is never calm:)


Jeff & Meg said...

That's kind of how I feel...sad that Christmas is already over...but its nice to be back to some kind of normal. Hope Jacob feels better soon!

Kyrene said...

Good for people to know.