Saturday, January 5, 2008


Jacob is finally better. He's been sleeping well and eating pretty good again too. I also think he grew. His pants fit differently. One pair that was perfect length is almost too short now. We are actually buying 2T for him for everything. He's always been small so this is so strange for me. I think he's finally catching up. We went to disney on ice today. Jacob was a little nervous but did have fun. He's been talking about it all day and I expect he'll still talk about it tomorrow. I wasn't sure if he would sit still the whole time but he was great. This is good because we are taking him to sesame street live in march as a birthday present. I think he'll really enjoy that as well. We also got all the stuff for his party. I just have to get the invitations out in the mail this week. I started working on them tonight but then I started to feel sick. I think I ate something bad. I'm waiting for drugs to kick in before I go to bed.
In other news Dan bought a new car. It's a project car so he still has the old one. It's also his dream car that will only be used on nice days and will not be driven to work daily. It's a triple white beetle! He's so excited about it. The guy will deliver it on the 26th. I told him " happy valentines day, happy birthday, happy anniversary and merry christmas." he was fine with that too. I guess that's it for now.

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