Thursday, September 27, 2007

taking time to breathe

Jacob plays outside every day now. He just loves to be out side, but not getting dirty. Everytime he touches the ground we need to dust off his hands. He's so funny.
He thought it was funny to throw the ball over the fence on our deck and make mommy get it and through it back. After a few times I caught on and stayed over there.

Today I had to take two exams after Dan got home from work. I was so stressed with good reason. They were really hard. I'm so glad they are over, but now it's time to start preparing for the next few. I'll be glad when Christmas break is here. I love school, but it's so much. I need to plan my classes a little better next semester. I can't plan two hard classes together. It's way too much. Plus I have Jacob and then Jack 2 days a week. It's been exhausting! Anyway, while I was out Dan and Jacob hung out. This is a picture of Jacob laying on the couch watching curious george. He loves that show. He calls it Georgie. He only watches it every once in a while but he asks for it all the time. I think we'll have to get some Georgie books for Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

he is sooooo darling! he looks like he's sleeping, not watching a movie! ** even though it's difficult for you now, i'm proud of you for going back to school. keep up the good work and all the studying... you'll get there and be so glad you did! - tam