Monday, September 24, 2007

All is well

All is well here in the Cruz house. Jack is here today and he and Jacob are both sleeping right now. I actually get some time for me! They played well this morning once Jacob decided to share his toys. He's still learning how to share, but he is getting better. The cutest thing was when Jack started to climb on me and Jacob pushed him away and said "no, my mommy!". He didn't push hard. I had to try not to laugh because it was cute that he was trying to keep me all to himself. I was good and told him not to push Jack and that he was allowed to climb on me. He seemed ok with that, although I could tell he still didn't like Jack climbing on his mommy.

I have two exams on thursday. I'm a little nervous about them, but I've been studying so hopefully I'll be fine. I know physiology will be multiple choice so I just need to read through my notes a bunch of times and try to reword things so I know that I understand them. Anatomy has a lot of fill in the blanks usually so I really need to know that stuff. Luckily Anatomy doesn't have a lot of material, so I should be fine.

Yesterday was a good day in sports for Dan. The Yankees gained a game and are now only 1 1/2 games back from Boston, and the Cowboys continued their winning streak another game and are now 3 -0! It's always nice to see Dan happy when his favorite teams do well.

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