Thursday, September 13, 2007

Here we go

I thought this is much easier for people to see that my xanga blog. So I decided to switch. Today I have two sick boys. Jacob and Jack ( the little boy I babysit). They both just have colds, but both are not to happy about it. Jacob is sleeping and Jack is in the exersaucer right now. This weekend is the pet fair at my work. This event is so much fun. Tomorrow night I'll be there helping my boss set up. It will be a fun day full of fun events. Toby's former foster family will be there with our new foster puppy. We'll be taking him home after the pet fair. Sorry, it's a short post for my first. My myspace address is feel free to check it out and see my family. I'll post more pictures soon.

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dani7806 said...

I cant wait til tommorrow! But I still need directions to your new house or i'll never get there lol. i still dont know what time we will be there because Scott is working till 3-4 I hope U will be there when we get there!