Wednesday, February 6, 2008


The whole family is finally better!!! I still have my cough but that's it. I am so happy to have a healthy family. I have a study session planned with Barb at work tonight. She really helped me 2 weeks ago when we studied so I am glad to have her help me again. I'm really lucky having such helpful friends at work. Jacob's party is on saturday. He keeps talking about it so I know he is excited.
Today it is really nice out...well not nice but not really cold. It's cloudy. Jacob and I decided to take a walk around the block and get some fresh air. It was so nice. We both have fun. He walked the whole thing. He wanted to take his stroller but I convinced him to walk. I offered to take the wagon but he didn't want to take all his boys out of it so we didn't. I wish it would stay warmer like this. It's really nice to not have to wear a coat and to be able to go outside.
I once again have no pictures. Sorry. I'll try to take some tomorrow.

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