Friday, February 1, 2008

No party :(

We had to reschedule Jacob's party to next saturday. He started vomiting again this morning. It really stinks because there are some people who can't come next saturday and we just bought all the food last night :( Jacob is going to the doctor today to make sure it's still just the virus. I hated having to call everyone today because we just told everyone on wednesday that it's still on. He was getting better. He is actually eating right now which is good. He's having crackers. He told me his throat and tummy hurt. Poor kid! So it looks like I will have to venture out into the rain today. I'm really glad we didn't make his cake last night like we were suppose to. My brother and his fiance were suppose to come this weekend too. I don't think they'll be able to come next weekend :( Jacob loves seeing them. My dad is also still sick so I don't think they will come so they don't risk getting sick because they are both really busy with school. This really stinks! I want my little boy to be better. No one wants to be sick on their birthday. His present came in the mail yesterday so we will still give it to him tomorrow and we will celebrate and maybe my parents will come over to celebrate or we can go over their house to get out of the house for once. We'll see. I'll leave you with two pictures. Sorry we haven't taken a lot of pictures since we've all be sick....I am finally feeling a lot better today!

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Jeff & Meg said...

happy birthday, jacob!!