Friday, November 23, 2007


Since Dan already posted this on his myspace I guess I can too. I was going to wait until monday but oh well.
Yes that is a positive test! We're due July 6th. And we are super excited.

On another note I just got summons for Jury Duty. I hope I don't have to go because Dan will have to take off to watch Jacob and they'll have to allow me to eat every 1 hour and excuse me if I get sick. I have been much more sick with this pregnancy than last time. I think they will excuse me but you never know. I also have school and tons of other crap. I wouldn't mind being called for it years down the road when my kids are in school. That's different. This is just bad timing again. Last time they called me Jacob was 4 weeks old. I got excused then. We'll see what happens.

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