Wednesday, November 14, 2007

another day

Jacob is sick again. Poor kid. It seems like he's always got something. We are happy to report that it is not as serious as we thought. He only has a viral infection of some sort. He has a strange purplish-red non raised rash on his face a neck which can be a sign of a bacterial infection but the doctor does not think that is what this is. We do need to keep an eye on his fever though because it's been high. Last night is was 104.3! Keep him in your prayers. He is very uncomfortable and unhappy today. It's been a rough day. He finally fell asleep which will hopefully help him to feel a little better when he wakes up.
On a better note we got our antiquities pictures today. They came out great. We ended up buying a second pose because we thought it was so cute. If we ever locate a scanner and figure out how to scan them and send them to ourselves I'll post them. I'd like to get copies made so we can give them out at thanksgiving. We just need to figure out the scanning thing. I'm sure we'll get it figured out soon.
I don't have any new pictures to share today....I've been bad with that. So I guess that's all for now. No other news to report at this moment.


Anonymous said...

sorry to hear little jacob is sick... hopefully it'll pass quickly. he was such a CUTE little cookie monster! - tam

Jeff & Meg said...

Hope the little guy feels better soon!