Friday, March 28, 2008


I finally have the time and energy to update. Although there's not much to update on. Jacob is in the process of giving up his nap. This is really scary for me. How will I entertain him all day now. At lease summer is coming and we can play outside and swim, but rainy days are another scary thought. Any advice is welcome. I can't believe he is doing this already he is only a little over 2! Leave it to my kid. The good sleeper. When he naps he sleep for 3-4 hours. It seems to be every other day. He woke up really early this morning so I thought he would take a nap. I'm not so sure now though. He's in his crib playing right now. He did nap yesterday though for over 4 hours. I don't understand it at all. Jacob is also talking a lot. Full sentences. He counts pretty well when he wants to. He can get to 15 by himself, unless he's being silly, and 25 with help. He knows his ABC and tries to read ( although he only says the parts he remembers from when we read or makes it up by the pictures ). He makes us laugh every day which is so great.

Today is Dan's birthday and we are going out to dinner and then to his mom's for cake with the family. I was not able to do anything special for him since he just recently got his dream car which was part valentines day, part birthday and part anniversary. I feel bad not having a gift for him though. He doesn't expect anything though so it's not too bad. I did go out and get him a card though. It was nice to get Jacob out of the house for a little while.

Tomorrow is my cousin's daughter's birthday party. She's turning 2. Her party is at bouncing off the walls so Dan will finally get to see Jacob playing there. It should be really cute. My cousin rented the whole place so there wont be any other kids besides family. It should be fun.
Jacob has recently been picking up on everything we say. Yesterday I caught him lecturing 'Dusty'. He was telling Dusty no tackling him ( because he's not allowed to tackle anymore after he tackled Jack making him cry for 1 hour! ). He kept saying "don't do it" and then the kicker " You hear me?" I was cracking up. It was great.

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Jeff & Meg said...

James said this morning "Goodness! That elephant have big nose!" I say
goodness a lot and he picked it up. They are funny, aren't they?