Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Guess who's a big boy!!!

Yup that's wright my baby is all grown up. He sleeps in a big boy bed now. I can't believe it. He is actually doing quite well and stays in his bed all night so far. Naps are harder because he's been having nightmares so he never wants to go to sleep. This week I have been sitting next to his bed with him until he falls a sleep but he doesn't sleep as long this way because usually after about 2 hours he realizes I'm gone and gets up crying. So we still have some work to do but he's doing so much better than I expected. He is finally feeling better but still coughs when he runs around outside too much. His inhaler seems to help that a lot so we only use it as needed right now. I still have my cold and I can't seem to get rid of it. I am back to coughing a lot today. Hopefully tomorrow it will improve back to how it was 2 days ago. Only less than 3 weeks and we'll be North Carolina preparing for my brothers wedding. I can't wait. It's going to be so since to be away for a whole week. We actually haven't gone away for a whole week since our Honeymoon. We've gona away just only for long weekends. This should be so nice even though we'll be a little busy. We have a few days of just relaxing and enjoying being with family.

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Jeff & Meg said...

Can you believe how they grow so fast? James looks like a little peanut in his bed since its a double size, but he loves it. Go, Jacob!